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John-James of the House of Flores.

Shepherd John-James of the House of Flores. was born on Iowa, but grew up on the streets of Los Angeles in the midst of violence all around and yet was kept from engaging in the apparent gang life activity and unrelenting violence surrounding him. At the age of 15 years old, John-James of the House of Flores. began attending a home Bible study group hosted by the family of his cousin’s wife Darlene and the now known to him as the Martinez tribe. At the age of 16 years old, John-James of the House of Flores. was introduced to this Jesus Christ of Nazareth on a personal level unlike his prior experience before by our Heavenly Father through a beautiful couple named Johnny and Wanda Crawford who become his spiritual father and mother, you might have guessed it Johnny Crawford was a former New York Yankee Major League baseball player who was now an evangelist at this time in John’s life. His life was changed because of the love of Johnny and Wanda Crawford, his family. 

About a years’ time went by and John-James of the House of Flores. came across one of the hardest times of his life and back slid into the once world he grew up in and did not want to become like. For the next seven years, John-James of the House of Flores. would experience a journey he thought was one of a forgotten status, but little did he know that he would have an encounter with The Master when this seven year cycle of rebellion was over and come to an abrupt halt. During this time at the age of 19 years of age, John-James of the House of Flores. found the bride that was handpicked by the Father and within three months’ time he was married and would begin to have a change of heart because his now present mother in-law Marie Battee would love him into a family atmosphere that was absent from his life for a long time and remind his soul and mind of who he really was as a son of Elohim. 

At the age of 24 years old John-James of the House of Flores. committed his life back to the Jesus he knew and went full force with all his heart in street ministry, juvenile ministry and ministering to all types of venues from Ex-cons, AA, Na, and different church venues. John-James of the House of Flores. developed a strong desire and love for people like never before as he was now introduced to a denominational church setting. For several years John-James of the House of Flores. stood dedicated to what he believed to be true in the church until one Sunday morning his life was about to take another turn for the better. John-James of the House of Flores. was led to travel to the Jewish district on Los Angeles California and walked into a book store named Solomon’s Bookstore. Amazed at the atmosphere and Hebrew things that were in the store, for the next five hours John-James of the House of Flores. would be changed forever. Spending time with David Noubahar the owner of the store, John-James of the House of Flores. felt like he was home with the later known Israeli heritage of his own. 

John-James of the House of Flores. has went down the road of Bible college where he obtained a couple degrees in Biblical studies and he also attending the University of Jerusalem to accomplish a task in his study endeavors. He would later be ordained as a rabbi as well as having a pastoral ordination. With strong conviction John-James of the House of Flores. began to act on the call placed on his life and began studying and teaching the Scriptures from their Hebraic origin. Learning how to read Ancient or Biblical Hebrew, John-James of the House of Flores. had an edge on the fast pace doctrines from Christianity and has been able to filter those and bring corrections to many mistakes found therein. John-James of the House of Flores. began to impart the truths of Scripture from their Hebraic origin and many lives began to be changed that even small home study groups were developed and many in other states and a few countries had been impacted. John-James of the House of Flores. took that passion for Scripture and Evangelism to the Hebraic venue for all who were hungry to know the whole truth of our King and Savior. 

John-James of the House of Flores. would implement all the Feast Days , Shabbat, eating Kosher and the true love of The Father to everyone around him. John-James of the House of Flores. began instilling all these truths to His wife, son and daughters. His ministry began in his home where all ministries usually begin. John-James of the House of Flores. and his wife have three beautiful children, their son Jeremiah, daughters Ashley and Johannah. All with the truth engraved upon their hearts and souls and already impacting the world with their gifts. 

Today John-James of the House of Flores. stands as the senior shepherd of Remnant of Truth International. His desire is to spread the message of The Kingdom of our Yahushua HaMashiach who is The MalkiTzedeq High Priest. As cutting edge as it is, The Father has brought into John’s life faithful men and women of likeminded emunah/belief. One thing John-James of the House of Flores. lives by to this day and occasionally reminds people of is this, “Meet people where they are at and then you will discover what it means to walk as our Messiah did.” This is what happened in his life some 20 years ago.