Passover || pesach

For every Feast of Yahweh listed in Leviticus 23, as well as the minor celebrations of Purim & Hanukkah, there is free E-book to download designed to teach you the basics of this special season!  

The festivals were to be the highlight of our year! There are many traditions that surround each one because they each have thousands of years of history! But if we get so caught up in trying to “keep the traditions”, we can miss the entire point of the feast itself!  First and foremost, this is a Divine Appointment with Yahweh! It’s all about Him! Secondly, these festivals were to be a joyous time and they were family oriented! This “guide” is to help explain the basics of the festival and also give you and your family ideas to help make it your own.

It’s our family history, it’s our future, & it’s our story!

Passover interactive plague bags

Each Passover we make an interactive Passover plague bag for our little ones.  One item for each of the 10 plagues for them to see and learn with during our Passover seder.  Each year the bag is unique and different.  We offer these bags for $12 a piece (+ $5 S&H).  If you'd like to order more than 1, contact us and we will discount shipping costs, or for 5 or more FREE SHIPPING!